Tuesday, June 26, 2012

shed life

hello friends! how are you??
i'm hoping to squeeze a quick post in between storm clouds (which block satellite connection) and give you a tour of our lovely little shed Up North.
not long before we arrived this was a twin car garage with 2 roller doors at the front. these have been switched for ranch sliders and curtains, and half of the concrete has been covered with some temporary carpet. 
as a part of their school work, i had the kids write a poem that describes our shed life. i hope you like it:

Shed Life 
Shed life is a creaky roof, a baby crying at night and a water pump that suddenly starts.

Shed life is six beds tightly together, a washing machine that's always on and a couch that is a bed at night.

Shed life is vomit in the bed, school work at the table and running inside to the toilet.

Shed life is talking quietly while Sawyer naps, remains of car oil under the table and sneaking into each other's beds.
i've been made aware of just how flexible kids are and how little we really need to live happily.

i already know that we will all miss this lifestyle something fierce when we move back home in August.
i hope you are all well!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

hello northland!

we're two weeks into our winter escape at Houhora (Way Up North) and so far it's been all about the warmer weather, fishing and beaches. ok, not so much the fishing for me but i have learned to crochet plain granny squares!! and so far i'm not missing my sewing machine...(but i AM missing reading your blogs!)
living in a shed is fun - although less sleep than i'd prefer ;)
blogging will hopefully be more regular now but follow on instagram (@deeconstruction) for more regular updates.
until next time...

Friday, June 8, 2012

saying goodbye

we're leaving tomorrow at 9am!
sure am going to miss this spot up there ^^
and this spot right here.
and you guys. 
i will pop in as often as possible but will mostly "blog" via Instagram (@deeconstruction)


Monday, June 4, 2012

{pros&cons} of having housesitters

we are having a family of 6 (3 girls, one boy) house sit our house while we're on our great winter escape 2012. obviously there are pros and cons to such a situation...

pro:: i have to tidy up.
con:: i have to pack for a long trip AND tidy up.

pro:: i emptied out my fridge.
con:: finding something from 2009 in there.

pro:: i cleared my undies drawer.
con:: admitting my string bikinis days are over.

pro:: i washed and re-hung a curtain that had been splattered with coffee about this time last year.
con:: my pride was what finally motivated me to do it.

pro:: while i was at it, i washed and rehung all the dining/living area curtains.
con:: it was raining so i couldn't dry them
pro:: they dried on their tracks one night while keeping the light in and the cold out. (and that counts as a "twofer" right Angela?)

pro:: i also washed a pillow.
con:: Monte had vomited into it.

pro:: there are also some sparkly patches of carpet about.
con:: Ty and Monte. hurly burly.

pro:: i have to dust.
con:: isn't there an allergy to dust? i'm pretty sure i have it.

pro:: i have to clear the spiderwebs.
con:: who will catch the flies?

pro:: all the lightbulbs have been replaced, our housesitters will be able to walk around at night without fear of concussion.
con:: we have the dodgy-est electricity, so maybe the second half of that 'pro' won't apply after the first week or so.

pro:: someone will be able to feed the animals.
con:: the Vermin don't know that fancy American guests are staying over (please let the poison have worked this time!! let's pray...)

four days to go!!