Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{family} Ty is 7

Ty – my first son – turned seven (seven?!) on Sunday. 
I am so proud of this kid. For a long time, I struggled with his ‘quirkiness’ but eventually realised that was about me placing more importance on what others thought than about accepting my own son for who he is. Ty doesn’t waste time on trying to impress people but gives his whole heart, and then some, to anyone who loves him just the way he is  - quirks and all! 
I love that. 
He has taught me so much about respect, sincerity and loyalty. I hope I am a better person for having the privilege of being his mother.


  1. Beautiful words Dee. Happy birthday Ty!
    (Also, he should be a child model. That effortless hair, the freckle-dusted face. Perfection.) ;)

  2. Happy birthday! I love the way you talk about your children. Through your blog you mentor me as a mumma. Thank you.

  3. Happy 7th birthday Ty! What a little stunner your son is Dee. I love the little quirks to kid's personalities. It makes them who they are. We have a few around here too, and though frustrating at times, it does keep life interesting.

  4. Happy birthday Ty-Boy!!! love that boy loads. Great personality and charisma for life, which is fantastic. xxx

  5. Oh lady, I just read back over that old post ~ it so resonated with how I was feeling with Finley a few months ago.

    Anyway~ hope Ty had a fantastic birthday! And yes! You make some fine looking boys! (And girl). xo

  6. I agree with the other ladies - beautiful words (I know exactly how this is, and I am still struggling to reach the acceptance stage...) and BEAUTIFUL boy. Holy goodness, he's a looker. Well done you x


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