Friday, January 11, 2013

{restyle} vintage blouse

i'm kind of addicted to restyling clothes. 
i can't help it - i see potential in every op shop rack. take this shirt, for example, i ignored it FOUR times before i finally brought it home.  
then JR told me it reminded him of Princess Diana and the 80s - both very complimentary things - but not what i was hoping for. so i decided i'd shorten the sleeves (i'm tall so sleeves often look awkward-short on me), deepen the neckline and add a peter pan collar.
 So in 4 basic steps, here is what i did**:
one:: cut a new neckline using a top you have with a neckline you love. shorten sleeves leaving enough length for casing.
two:: fold sleeve edges over to make casing for elastic and thread through. 
three:: cut a collar to your desired shape. pin, sew, snip, turn through and press.
four:: pin to your new neckline, sew, overlock/serger, press under and top stitch (optional).

i am looking forward to sharing my restyles and tips with you in 2013.
maybe it will inspire you to see potential in the clothes you would usually pass by in the op shops.

**i'd love to share my restyles with you this year but i'm not able to do step-by-step tutorials. i will try to provide basic instructions where possible though. x


  1. This neck line REALLY suits you!


  2. Ah, Dee. You are so so brilliant! I always admire your vision for op-shop items. Come home and we'll do St. Vinnies!


  3. this is gorgeous. i've just added 'op-shop visit' to my list of errands for the afternoon (I'm sans 3 year old this afternoon!)

  4. YES! Totally going to do more restyling for myself this year - your posts always inspire me big time x

  5. Fabulous! I am so inspired by your restyles and may even get around to doing them myself ;)

  6. it looks fantastic Dee you are the queen of the restyle. I find your re-stles so inspiring and this one especially appeals because I like the collar thing but I don't suit a high neckline very mch :o) Haven't forgotten the fabric I promised either just need to sort and post xxx

  7. Seeing your restyle, I think "well of course that is what you can do with it". But show me the item in its original form only and I am miffed. I love your vision and execution Dee! Now, just got to find me a Princess Di shirt to do the same. xxx

  8. Love this Dee!
    I often turn collared shirts into singlet style blouses. (does that make any sense?) I'll have to give this style a go next, it's a great restyle.
    Thanks for the inspiration. x

  9. such a great idea, i often see fab fabric shirts but hate that they are the button-up collared style. i must have a bash at a pan collar when i get a sec, love that look x

  10. that's gorgeous! I would never have imagined it could look so lovely by looking at the original! Clever you!

  11. Looks SO lovely on you!! Clever mama

  12. Thanks for posting your restyle Dee. For a long time you have encouraged me to look very carefully at things in opp shops.

  13. Clever and fabulous as always. Great job. Cx

  14. looks great it really suits you x

  15. I just discovered your blog. Some good stuff here. I'm going to follow you in Google reader.

  16. this top is so cute now! love the fabric.

  17. I have a blue button-down shirt that is soooo comfy but thanks to my dog there is now a tear in the upper back! I haven't been able to toss it, figured I'd use it for painting or something. But this makes me think I can recreate the neckline and put it back in service.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. this is a wonderful refashion...thanks, love that collar!


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