Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Spin This} Hankie Curtain

Hankie curtains aren't quite as common as yellow chevron, but almost. So this is definitely not an original idea but it is one I have been itching to do for some time.
It wasn't until I'd happily beavered away at piecing and pinning and hanging that I realised I hadn't actually consulted JR on his thoughts regarding florally ex-snot-wipers hanging in the window. Oops. 
I decided to take the 'Wait for him to Notice' approach because I realised I rarely ever ask JR's input on home decor so I was genuinely interested to see his reaction. I mean, I'd understand if he balked a bit...and I didn't want to back him into a corner with a "What do you think?? Don't you just love it??" while I gleefully clap my hands beside him.
So I waited. 
He noticed (in a record amount of time) and if I remember correctly, he remarked with a Woah, cool!
Uh huh. 
I mean, some guys buy flowers for their wives, other guys just like their wives' flowers....even if they are on ex-snot-wipers and hanging in the spare room window.


  1. Love it, such a great idea. I bet they filter the morn/afternoon sunshine just beautifully xo

  2. This is so pretty. And I love that birdhouse!


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